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WherEver Collection

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Where them wherever!
Zipper Pull
Belt Loop
Rearview Mirror

You name it!


Buddha cat
I Love my Cat!
Tiger Eye Heart
I Love my Dog!
Picture Jasper Heart

I Love my Horse!
Poppy Jasper Heart

I Love my Cat!

If I tried to tell you how
much I love my cat,
you wouldn't believe me
unless your heart
is also meow-shaped
and covered in stray fur.
                           Lexie Saige

Wear this WherEver as a
gentle reminder...
What greater gift
than the love of a cat?
                             Charles Dickens


I Love my Dog!

I think dogs are the
most amazing creatures;
they give unconditional love.
For me they are the
role model for being alive.
                     Gilda Radner

Wear this WherEver as a
gentle reminder that. . .
your dog is a
miracle with paws.
           Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

I Love Horses!

“I’m passionate
about riding horses.
There’s a sense of trust
between you and
this powerful creature.” 
          Portia De Rossi

Wear this WherEver as a
gentle reminder...
"Horses make a landscape
look beautiful."
                          Alice Walker

the secret
Happy Buddha!
Tree Agate Heart

I Love You!
Rose Quartz Heart
The Key!
Red Jasper Heart

Happy Buddha!

 “We are shaped by our thoughts;
we become what we think.
When the mind is pure, joy follows
like a shadow that never leaves.”

Wear this WherEver as a
gentle reminder that. . .
Thousands of candles can be lit
from a single candle, and the life
of the candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases
by being shared.”

I Love You!

A hundred hearts
would be too few
to carry all my love for you.
                        Author Unknown

Wear this Wherever as a
gentle reminder that. . .
Each day I love you more.
Today more than yesterday,

but not as much as tomorrow.xxxooo


The Key!

I know a magnificent secret...
I hold the keys that create my future.
I am the gatekeeper of my universe.
My reality is the outcome of my
thoughts and sacred intention.
Daily, I offer my goodness to the world,
in return I attract to myself
the best life has to offer.
   Karen Journey

Wear this WherEver as a
gentle reminder that. . .
We are what we think.
 All that we are
arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make the world.


Thank You!

I would thank you
from the bottom of my heart,
but for you my heart
has no bottom.
                                 Author Unknown

Wear this WherEver as a
gentle reminder that. . .
A bit of fragrance always clings
to the hand that gives roses.
                                 Chinese Proverb

Thank You !
Turquoise Howlite Heart


In the end, I wonder if one of the most important steps on our
journey is the one in which we throw away the map.


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