Meet the Designing Artest

Karen Journey

I love the mystery of inspiration. For me, it may start with a thought or words that I find encouraging.  It may be some fantastic gemstones that seem to “speak” to me or the colors of nature. The sun on snow, a fall leaf, the melding of the ocean and sky, inspiration is everywhere. Glistening light may remind me of if insight, the color aqua of refreshment, the crimson leaf of my inner power. Nature, color, symbols, words all spark my imitation. When I design a piece of jewelry I incorporate color, movement, beauty, and a gentle message. My goal is to create unique, timeless, jewelry that looks good and also feels good.  My wish is to uplift the spirit, ever-reminding the wearer what has true value and meaning in their life and of their internal beauty and strength. The first piece of jewelry I designed, the Breath Prayer Bracelet, came out of my own need to be reminded to stay grounded and centered during a particularly difficult time in my life.  Others were attracted to the bracelet and the symbolism behind it, commenting, “this is just what I need, will you make me one?”  I did, and I never stopped. For the Journey was born...with the intention to create distinct jewelry that warms the heart and encourages the soul.”
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