Breath Prayer Bracelet

Breath prayer is one of the simplest forms of prayer and

can be done in any situation or in any place.

It is a single word or phrase that can be prayed

while slowly and deeply breathing in and out,

allowing the prayer to take on the

rhythm of your breathing. As you do, your pace slows down,

you become re-focused, centered, and grounded

in the reality of God’s presence in the moment.

This bracelet is designed with five beads

(five is the number that symbolically stands for God's grace)

 to remind you of the grace extended to you.

As you are drawn inward your fingers can gently move

from one bead to the next offering up a simple breath of prayer.

Pause to breathe deeply as you rest in the spaces between the beads.

Your prayer may simply be the word “help” or words such as,

“please guide me,” creating your own breath prayer

...simple words that speak what is in your heart at the moment.


Our Breath Prayer Bracelets . . .

are hand-tied using strength cord that

doesn't ravel, fray or fade.

 They are made with semi-precious gemstones,

toggle clasp, Celtic Cross and

our own For the Journey Tag.

Virginia from Texas

purchased her first Breath Prayer Bracelet on 2004

she wears her bracelet every day and has replaced it twice when wears one out.

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