SP7-2, Chakra Spiral Set

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    The human body contains seven vital Chakra
    energy centers. Each center contains and manages
    the life-force that flows through our bodies. 

    Whether you view the Chakras as literal places
    in the body or as metaphoric ones,
    they can help you activate mind/body connections
    to help you heal, regain, and refuel your life-force.

     Packaging also lists the stones and their qualities,
    and describes the meaning of each chakra.


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    Necklace, Earrings, Both

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    • Gemstones:

      Tigers Eye heals issues of self worth.
      Carnelian helps you trust yourself and your intuition.
      Yellow Jade aids in decision making.
      Green Jade is calming.
      Blue Lace Agate is calming, bringing peace of mind.
      Sodalite unites logic with intuition.
      Amethyst the stone of spirituality and contentment.

    • Pewter Components

    • Silver Plated Alloy Chain

    • 18″ length, with Lobster Clasp

    • Sterling Silver Earwires

    • Message Card Included

Product Code: SP7-2.

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